Fancy slippers

I’ve been a bit slack lately as my PhD has been foremost in my mind…. but it’s due to be submitted soon, so I have a bit more time on my hands! I’ve actually made a few of these now for various people (Father, MIL, BF, husband), mainly from Bendigo Woollen mills Stellar yarn (50% bamboo, 50% wool), either 12ply or 8ply. The pattern is from The Woven and its also on Ravelry. I currently have one made for my foot 🙂 The pattern is relatively easy to follow, but be careful with your pickup around the cuff. I think … Continue reading Fancy slippers

Patchwork Quilt-a-long: Block One

OK so I’ve finished my PhD. Time to get back to my projects, and sharing those projects! So in my Wednesday patchwork classes, we have decided to do a quilt-a-long project – a project that is similar for us to do together. Each month, Amanda AKA Jedi craft girl is releasing a new block to make. There are a total of 12 blocks, and each month you make 6 squares. I’m fitting it into my projects and just trying to do one block a month. I have to get my green monster done – project update coming soon! The first block was … Continue reading Patchwork Quilt-a-long: Block One

Flat rat!

A flat rat is a good rat, and this guy is a very good rat. He even will hold your page for you in your favourite book! The pattern is super easy to follow, and a very quick project (rather like this post!). On the blog, Susan has created a little family of them, all with different tails and matching ears. They are super cute. I especially liked their eyes, but couldn’t find anything similar to use for mine, so I settled with crosses sewn on in yarn. View this post on Instagram #mrrat is looking after @missblackcass's spot in … Continue reading Flat rat!

Update on my elephant cot quilt

Wow I’m so super happy right now. Last night in my quilting class, I put my balloons on my elephant quilt! I’m so happy with the color choice. I spent a while walking around the shop deciding which yellow fabric to use. And then once I had the fabric, I ended up cutting out an extra balloon in order to play with possible stitches. I tried a tight zigzag, a double layered zigzag (bottom shorter width than the top) and a thicker blanket stitch, but ended up going with with the good old normal blanket stitch (janome mc7700 stitch 45). … Continue reading Update on my elephant cot quilt