Christmas Table runner

So I bought myself a brand new sewing machine for Christmas! I love it – I ended up getting the Janome 7700 memorycraft. I went “looking” and ended up walking out of the shop with it…..

Given I had the week before Christmas off work, I then ran down to the patchwork shop to find myself a project to do! I was thinking of a table runner, and found an amazing pattern which is quilt as you go.  Its called the “Medallion table runner” by Jinny Beyer. I followed the directions in the pattern and bought a stack of different Christmas themed fabrics. I decided on a red and silver theme – I really wanted green and silver but couldn’t find enough fabrics!

So after getting home and going some cutting, I quickly realised that I didn’t need as much fabric as I bought – as I didn’t really need to fussy cut anything! Anyway, I’ll have enough to make another one, right? So if you aren’t using the specified prints in the pattern, read the pattern and estimate how much material you will require yourself!

Once I had cut out my strips, I set up the backing and the batting as directed, to make my quilt sandwich. Then, as you are connecting the strips on, you do this ontop of the quilt sandwich – hence the “quilt as you go”. The best part is when the strips are connected, and your quilting is done! I made another little label as well, this time using fancy script on my new machine 🙂

I just needed to sew on my binding, and handsew it down on the other side. Haven’t tried machine sewing the binding down yet, and not sure about trying it. I’ve heard you dont quite get the same perfect result, and I would really hate to ruin all the work I’ve put into the quilts with an attempt to “finish it quickly”.

I finished the quilt in time for my christmas eve eve party and it was a big hit! Featured with zooper dooper cocktails up the top 😉


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