My first quilt 

So I went and stayed at one of my husbands family friends places over Easter in 2014. Deb (who we were staying with) has pretty much a fabric shop at her place! Deb and my M-I-L were working on quilting projects and it was raining and a bit miserable so I decided to join in. I had a bit of sewing experience from school, but quickly realised how much work is involved! I needed a lot of help and was so grateful for all the guidance and assistance I received.

The design I decided to follow was one of Kate Conklin’s – its called “off the rails”. It was a lot of fun to cut and piece it together. It took me around a year to finish off the borders and get it finalised, as I kept putting it off. When I did complete it, I decided to get it professionally quilted as I really had no idea what/how to do that.


I decided to quilt with lime green thread, in a circle design to complement the strip design. It came up lovely and I am so so happy with it!

Its my favourite lap quilt now for watching tv on the couch!

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