Burp cloths

Burp cloths are awesome! With so many babies happening these days with all my friends, another super cute (and useful) gift are these burp cloths. They are also really quick to whip up. 

I found this cute, and gender neutral, print at spotlight. I went to buy some towel as well, and was actually told that it’s a lot cheaper to just buy a towel. So that’s what I did. I traced out my design, cut up my pieces and stitched them together, inside out. 

After turning it through the small opening that I left, I pressed it well. The first one I did was on my old machine, mum’s bernina. No fancy stitches on this machine, so I used a zigzag as the topstitch. The second one I made after I bought my Janome, and I had a LOT more choices! I tested a few and decided that I really liked #228. I was really happy with how this second one came out- it was quite pretty. 

And I’m done! Such a lovely quick project 🙂

2 thoughts on “Burp cloths

  1. Love love love the fabric. Burp cloths are one of the best gifts I received when I had my little one. You always need them and in the end you’ll use any one, regardless of it matching their outfit or nursery or whatnot. Do babies ever stop needing these? I feel like I still need to carry one around for myself as an adult…

    1. Thanks! I don’t have any babies (yet) but when I visit my friends they always seem to have one of these over their shoulder… and I thought it would be nice to be pretty! Haha maybe adult burp cloths are wet ones?

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