Mummy and Me Quilt

Oh my gosh, I really enjoyed quilting this. Its only the second quilt that I’ve ever quilted myself, the first being Lincoln’s quilt (I’m not counting my christmas runner!)…. but this was on my new Janome MC 7700. It was so much fun, and came out beautifully. Note to self, I want to do a stitch diary for my machine and make it publicly available….

The pattern for this “mummy and me” cot quilt can be found here. I obviously chose my own fabrics, and also decided how to quilt it myself. I also didn’t use the rick-rack. It wasn’t necessary, in my opinion. The photos here really don’t do it justice!

For the quilting, I stitched-in-the-ditch for all my squares, and for the horizontal seams. I used a stitch length of 2.7mm, and used stitch length of 0mm to lock my stitches in. Next time, I think I should try the backwards button to lock my stitches in (I didn’t use the lock stitch as it leaves a big ball of thread on the underside of the quilt each time). Also, when I got to the balloons, I stopped quilting.

Then, I moved onto echoing the elephant. I started by quilting around both of the elephants, moving super slow with my walking foot. Then I moved out, and using the centre of the edge of the walking foot, (because going around objects means you need to choose where on your walking foot you are following your line!) I followed around my elephants. Does everyone know that this is an exact 1/2 inch with the Janome walking feet? They are well designed! I kept ‘echoing’ my elephants, over and over again. What do you think? I only tuned out once and made a mistake, and I think I’m the only one who can see it!

Its actually really hard to see the echoing here around the elephants… but if you look reallllly closely…

Next, I went around the balloons and the elephants ears to finish them off. The mum elephant probably has more than a hand gap of area without quilting, but I think there are more than enough echoes to offset this.

I attached on my label on the bottom right before the last piece of quilting I did, as I wanted the label quilted onto the back. The last piece of quilting was the pink dots on the top and bottom borders. I went inbetween every three rows of pink dots on the diagonal. I was planning to do this both directions (right diagonal and left diagonal, to crosshatch) but decided it wasn’t necessary.  Or maybe I was just keen to finish!

I decided on a scrappy border on the quilt, piecing them directly together and not on the bias like a have previously. I stitched this together before organising where I was going to start… so of course in some spots the binding matches the quilt top! Oh well. It doesn’t actually look “wrong”.

I can’t WAIT to give this to the mum, one of my gym friends. I’ve been purposely not putting pics up on facebook/instagram so she doesn’t know what its going to look like…. I hope she likes it! I’ll post this once I have given it to her 🙂


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