Patchwork Quilt-a-long: Block One

OK so I’ve finished my PhD. Time to get back to my projects, and sharing those projects!

So in my Wednesday patchwork classes, we have decided to do a quilt-a-long project – a project that is similar for us to do together. Each month, Amanda AKA Jedi craft girl is releasing a new block to make. There are a total of 12 blocks, and each month you make 6 squares. I’m fitting it into my projects and just trying to do one block a month. I have to get my green monster done – project update coming soon!

The first block was released in January, but we started in June. The information for the block is here.

I finished my first block in June, but have been slack in posting. Rather than florals/pastels and a white background, I choose brights and a navy background. In hindsight, I think I have made it a bit difficult for myself with my colours, as the matching of the edges and points will need to be perfect as they are particularly obvious! But this is great for me, as I have not done squares like this before.

Everyone in class has chosen such different fabrics. I think that at the end, we will all have very different quilts, even though we have the same pattern 🙂

Here is the first block of Block One:

And here are three completed squares:

Some other people in the class are working ahead to try and ‘catchup’, where August is the release of Block Eight. I’m working on my green quilt and some table runners, so I won’t be doing this. Watch this space for the next block 🙂

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