Fancy slippers

I’ve been a bit slack lately as my PhD has been foremost in my mind…. but it’s due to be submitted soon, so I have a bit more time on my hands!

I’ve actually made a few of these now for various people (Father, MIL, BF, husband), mainly from Bendigo Woollen mills Stellar yarn (50% bamboo, 50% wool), either 12ply or 8ply. The pattern is from The Woven and its also on Ravelry. I currently have one made for my foot 🙂

The pattern is relatively easy to follow, but be careful with your pickup around the cuff. I think it was the yarn that I used, but the first set was WAY too large for my foot, as I was hoping. I changed to 8ply and followed the instructions and achieved some really nice slippers for my friend and MIL.

For the 8ply pattern, I made the cuff with a total of 5 horseshoe pattern repeats.

After I picked up stitches along the cuff (knit-wise pickup), I purled one circuit, then another knit, then another purl. On the next knit round, that’s when I started the foot flap. I used a total of 9 stitches for the foot flap, which increases still to 11 with the increase of one stitch on each end. After I finished the foot flap to my desired length, remember to pick up KNIT-wise for the first stitches along the side, and then once you go around the back of the foot and move to the next circuit around, the next stitches need to be picked up PURL-wise along the other side of the foot. I completed a total of 4 ribs (8 rounds/circuits) after picking up those stitches before I started to decrease. Then I completed 5 decrease ribs (10 rounds/circuits) prior to binding off.

Remember to bind off with the 3-way bind off on the inside of the slipper!

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